Frequently Asked Questions

Will you help me migrate my sites?

Yes. And we will do better than that... we will even "show you how to fish." We will show you how you can do it yourself in case you need to migrate a whole bunch of sites for yourself or for your clients.

Do I need an AWS account to try DevPanel?

No. You can try DevPanel for Free on our AWS account. If you decide DevPanel is for you, then you can sign up for a paid DevPanel and get your own AWS account.

Is ordering completely risk free?

YES! Try DevPanel Free for 30 days. If you are unsure of what DevPanel does or how it will benefit you, then simply let your free trial expire. You will then, sadly, lose your access to DevPanel.

Does DevPanel Offer Fully Managed Hosting?

Yes. DevPanel can help you manage all your infrastructure and your sites. Fees are based on your support requirements and the Service Level Agreement. Please contact us for more details.

What’s included in the Business and Enterprise Plan?

Business and Enterprise Plan includes some advanced features and comes with a SLA - Service Level Agreement. Please contact us for more details.

What about support for Live sites running in my AWS account?

Your sites run on “AWS managed” infrastructure like EKS, RDS, S3 etc. with reliability ratings of up to 99.99999% The infrastructure is not likely to go down. You can purchase optional support from AWS and DevPanel for additional peace of mind if you like - but that’s up to you.

Do I pay DevPanel extra for running live sites in my AWS account?

No. You don't pay anything extra to run your live sites in your own AWS account. You pay AWS directly for only for what you use. You pay DevPanel just one flat fee for your account.

What will it cost for me to run my sites in my own AWS account?

Generally less than you think. Your AWS fees will depend on a lot of factors like the size of your site, the traffic to your site, the network bandwidth used, etc. The easiest and simplest answer is for you to contact us. We will be able to give you some estimates by looking at your sites and your site analytics data.

Who pays for the sites running in your AWS account?

You pay AWS directly for your sites running in AWS. The big difference, however, is that with DevPanel, you're cutting out the middleman. You pay AWS directly - and only for what you use.

Where do I deploy sites?

You deploy sites in your own AWS account. Once you link your AWS with DevPanel, you can deploy as many sites in your account as you like.

Can I use DevPanel with other platforms?

Yes, of course. DevPanel is git based. As long as your platforms lets you save your code to GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket, DevPanel can work with it.

Can I create sites from my own Git Repo?

Yes. You can connect your GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket account with DevPanel and create sites from your repos on those platforms.

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