Automated Security Patching
Your servers will be automatically patched for vulnerabilities with security patches and updates as soon as they're anno...
SaaS Control Panel
You'll never have to install or update the control panel on your servers. We take care of patching and upgrading the con...
Application Support
Let your users contact us directly for application questions. We can help users with installation, maintenance, patching...
One-Click installs
Install apps from our library of PHP, Perl, Ruby and Java apps or build your own library of custom apps.
Create servers on the fly
Use Provisioners to create servers and clusters under your own AWS or Digital Ocean accounts.

Link and manage any server
Create your servers on any hosting company or even on your own desktop / laptop and link them to devPanel for easy manag...
Run multiple sites on one server
Use your servers more efficiently and reduces your overall hosting fees by running multiple sites on one server.
Safe team development
Optimized for team development environment where each developer can create their own sandbox environments.
Working on multiple projects at the same time? devPanel lets you setup and manage as many projects as you can handle. Ea...
Build your own SaaS
Generate recurring revenue! Have a Drupal, Wordpress, or Magento site that you can sell over and over? With devPanel, yo...
Create DEMO Servers & Sites
Automate setup of demo servers and sites for your prospects and customers.

Automation and Orchestration
Auto Scaling, Offsite Backups, Automated Testing, Continuous Release... devPanel has you covered!