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Full Browser-Based Development

Local Dev Environments are HARD! They are tough to set up and manage. Deploying sites from them often is not trivial either and requires help from experienced System Administrators.

Now, you don't have to mess with Local Dev Environments any more!

Say hello to Browser-Based Dev Environments...

Did you know Developers waste over 50% of their time with System Administration tasks?!

As crazy as that sounds, it's 100% true. And that sad reality can make things extremely difficult for them to focus on Development and deliver their projects on time.

Trying to manage local development environments, test environments & servers can make it next-to-impossible for developers to actually focus on development - the thing that they're hired to do in the first place.

Because of that, they're forced to create ad-hoc solutions which result in a patch-work of infrastructure held together by bubble-gummed processes that eventually fails and causes even worse problems than before.

Do away with "Local Dev Environments"

Each developer wants their own special type of environment? To run Local Dev Environments, you need heavy-duty laptops and desktops with serious CPU and RAM. Local Dev environments take a lot of time to set up and manage... no two are the same. When things wrong, they take a lot of time to debug and fix. If and when a developer's machine is lost, stolen or compromised, so is your entire code base! Do you really have time to deal with all of this?

Say hello to "Browser-Based Dev Environments"

Why bother with Local Dev Environments when you can do all your development in a web browser.

Zero set up, Zero configuration

With Browser-Based Dev Environments, the development environments are managed in the cloud so there's no set up or configuration needed - ever!

Use on any machine - 24x7

It doesn't matter where you are or what machine you have access to, as long as you have access to a browser, you can get to your "Dev Environment" and start developing. It's that simple.

Instant ON

Just login to your DevPanel account using a browser and click to start Visual Studio Code Server IDE in your browser. It's available instantly anywhere and everywhere. It's 100% reliable.

100% Secure!

You never have to worry about losing your laptop. The code base is always secure in the cloud. Use 2 Factor Authentication to be super secure for connecting to your Dev Environments and then no one can access it but you.

100% Reliable

The Browser-Based Dev Environment is built fresh every time you create an application to work on. If you accidentally corrupt your Dev Environment, no worries, just rebuild Dev Environment with a few clicks. There's nothing to install and nothing to configure. DevPanel is 100% reliable and there in your browser when you need it most.

Boost your productivity

Set your developers free! Don't let them get backlogged by small mundane SysAdmin tasks. Give them the tools to work from anywhere and see how much more productive your entire team can be. Give them DevPanel!

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