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Zero Vendor Lock in

If you enjoy vendor lock-in and you like to pay insane markups on commodity cloud hosting, then DevPanel is NOT for you. But if you want a Control Panel that lets you run Develop, Deploy and Scale your applications in your own Cloud Provider account, then you need to seriously look at DevPanel.

Your own Development Control Panel

What do you need to Develop, Deploy and Scale your applications in your own cloud provider account? What is that you get from most so called "hosting companies" that's their only value add?

Most so called "hosting companies" buy commodity hosting at pennies on the dollar, wrap it with their control panel, and sell you that commodity hosting for 1000% to 10,000% mark up. Their ONLY differentiator their Control Panel

Why a Control Panel is the answer to increasing productivity and simplifying automation


Because they're point-and-click, it's easy for developers to use them... developers can be productive from day one! By automating your processes, a control panel can drastically increase your productivity and decrease rework.


A good Control Panel limits developer's access by running automation scripts for them. This limits developer's direct access to the systems which limits liabilities and reduces the scope of mistakes that the developers can make.


Control Panels give you seat-belts for your developers and air-bags for your projects. You can automate nightly backups and even create archive rules so no databases can be deleted without creating a 7-day backup... Just in case it's needed.


Imagine letting developers work freely without waiting for SysAdmins. That's what a Control Panel can do for each member of your team. A Control Panel is like a person SysAdmin that your developers can count on 24x7.


Developers often create test and feature branches in git repos for coding but testing that code can be daunting. Control Panels can create these applications for developers in minutes.


Often, one of the hardest things to do is deploy new versions of your application. Control Panels make that easy to do so that each version of your application is versioned giving you the ability to roll back to a previous deployment in case of trouble.


Normally developers have to set up their own environments, install their own tools and configure them manually. Each developer's environment is slightly different than other developers on the team. These differences often cause issues when teams are working together on projects. A Control Panel can eliminate all these issues by automatically creating environments for you, installing all the development tools and configuring all the environments the same way. You'll never hear developers complain "but it worked in my environment!"

Boost your productivity

Set your developers free! Don't let them get backlogged by small mundane SysAdmin tasks. Give them the tools to work from anywhere and see how much more productive your entire team can be. Give them DevPanel.

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