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Contact us for a free demo account. With a demo account, you can try DevPanel with any of the applications below. 

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Open Social

Open Social is a Drupal distribution used for community and member management. It is used by over 1000 organizations worldwide.

Open Y

The Open Y platform is a content management system built on Drupal with ReactJS and Vue.js. Designed to run YMCA websites around the world but available for anyone to use.

2021-10-27_21-54-19 OpenY.png
2021-10-27_21-52-14 CiviCRM.png


CiviCRM is a full-featured open source CRM software that's used by thousands of companies and NGOs around the world. This version is comes pre-integrated with Drupal.


Umami is a Drupal site with sample content that can be used to explore the features and functionality of Drupal and for demos.

2021-10-27_21-55-18 Umami.png
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