• Point and Click DevOps!

    Point and Click DevOps!

    Use devPanel to manage all your servers, sites, teams and projects from one place. Regardless of where your servers are hosted, you can manage them from devPanel. We manage all the details so you can focus on development.

  • PHP, Java, Perl, Python...

    PHP, Java, Perl, Python...

    Use any language, any framework, any application. Each server is customized for your needs. Install any of the apps from our library and use it as a starting point. All app templates are updated automatically when new versions are released.

  • Auto-Scale Up and Down

    Auto-Scale Up and Down

    Have your production environments automatically grow and shrink based on traffic. Just set the limits and watch it run. The clusters even auto-heal themselves when a server goes down. Powered by AWS with 99.999% uptime guarantee.

  • Development Workflow

    Development Workflow

    Working with multiple developers? Want to see how your site works after each code change? No problem! With devPanel, you can create testing sites from each Feature branch. Use these sites for automated testing and User Acceptance Testing.

  • Fully Managed Sites & Servers

    Fully Managed Sites & Servers

    We'll answer your questions, fix the problems, and keep up with security patches. With support available 24x7 hours a day x 365 days a year, you'll even sleep well.

  • Platform Independent

    Platform Independent

    Create your dev sites on one platform and deploy the stage and production sites to any other platform. Move sites from one platform to another with a few clicks. devPanel makes site migrations simple and easy.

  • Always Secure

    Always Secure

    Security updates & patches are applied to your servers automatically so you won't have to worry about vulnerabilities like HeartBleed or ShellShock. Your servers will be patched automatically as soon as patches are released.

  • Completely Free

    Completely Free

    devPanel is a combination of Free Software and Free Service. Use it Free for personal, professional, educational, non-profit, and even commercial use. Use it to sell your own hosting and support.

How it works



  • Automated Security Patching

    Your servers will be automatically patched for vulnerabilities with security patches and updates as soon as they're announced. You don't have to worry about getting hacked!

  • SaaS Control Panel

    You'll never have to install or update the control panel on your servers. We take care of patching and upgrading the control panel.

  • Application Support

    Let your users contact us directly for application questions. We can help users with installation, maintenance, patching, and scaling their applications on your infrastructure.

  • One-Click installs

    Install apps from our library of PHP, Perl, Ruby and Java apps or build your own library of custom apps.

Available apps