WebOps Platform

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Develop, deploy and manage your Drupal, WordPress and Magento sites in your own cloud provider.

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Bring your own hosting!

Privacy plus Ownership

Your Data, your Code, and your Infrastructure all stay safe and secure in your own account.

Open Source Infrastructure

Own your infrastructure. Customize and modify our IAC scripts as you like to fit your needs

Unlimited Websites

Create, Manage and Deploy as many sites as you want on your own servers and clusters.

Browser Based Dev Tools

Work anytime from anywhere using just a browser with Cloud IDE and VS Code.


It's a great alternative to Acquia, Pantheon, and Platform.sh

Ha N. / Javac

Run your own WebOps Service

Great for organizations that have lots of websites.  Agencies can partner with us to offer their clients enterprise class hosting at affordable rates.  VARs can integrate DevPanel with other applications to build custom solutions for their customers.

  • Connect to your own infrastructure

  • Manage unlimited apps & sites

  • Run sites for internal customers

  • Sell managed hosting or services

  • Generate recurring revenue


Browser Based Development Platform


Make your developers 2-3x more productive instantly!

  • No Local Dev Environment needed

  • Built-in browser-based VS-Code (Cloud-IDE)

  • Built-in PhpMyAdmin (DB access)

  • Spin up dev /test sites in minutes

  • Clone sites with a point-and-click UI 

  • Develop from anywhere 24x7 using just a browser!

  • Ramp up new developers within one day

  • Share dev site URLs with clients and testers

  • Test easier and deploy updates and patches faster


Infrastructure as Code

Deploy on Managed Kubernetes!

  • It's Open Source and application agnostic

  • You can focus on applications not infrastructure

  • We will add, delete and optimize components

  • Launch sites faster with automated deployments
  • Up to 99.95% uptime for high-availability

  • With auto-healing infrastructure and services

  • It can auto-scale to handle traffic spikes with ease


Open Source Web/Sec/Ops

Secure Setup & Zero Lock-in!

  • Infrastructure and sites keep running
    (even if you stop paying for DevPanel)

  • Managed AWS WebOps & Security

  • Keep Up with Cybersecurity Threats

  • Built-in protection against DDOS attacks

  • Pre-configured WAF & Firewall Rules

  • 24x7 Security Response Team


DevPanel simplifies AWS!

Just connect a clean / empty AWS account with your DevPanel account and you're done. DevPanel then manages everything in that AWS account. It's that simple.