Develop, Deploy, and Manage sites in your own cloud.

It’s “Platform as a Service” (aka PaaS). DevPanel runs your sites in your own cloud provider (AWS, DigitalOcean, Azure). It takes care of set up, configuration, and tooling. It keeps your infrastructure secure, makes your developers more productive, and automates everything. It helps you cut costs, eliminate mistakes, and accelerate development.

Platform Overview.

It has several components that work together. This page walks you through the high-level workflow of the platform. You can find more details about some of the components by following the “Learn More” links.

DevPanel high-level architecture diagram.

Cloud Link

Connect your cloud provider or a Server and DevPanel sets up a hosting backend in your account for your apps and sites to use.


Workspaces are containers for Teams (developers), Projects (repos), and Applications (branches). Create workspaces to isolate Teams and Projects.

Cloud Based Dev Environments

Cloud Based Dev Environments

CBDEs are branches that are built out into apps (sites). You can share these apps, develop them using the built-in Cloud IDE and manage them using the dashboard.

Cloud IDE

Every branch application has a built-in Cloud IDE. It includes a SSH terminal, drag-and-drop SFTP, and baked in CLI dev tools. Can be used by multiple developers simultaneously.


Automate git pulls. Integrate with GitHub Actions, Jenkins, build CI/CD pipelines, and integrate with 3rd party APIs.

Deploy & Clone

Easily deploy and clone apps / sites using the dashboard. Create database and files from scratch or clone them from other apps.

DevPanel Dashboard to manage and scale your cloud applications and websites.

Manage and Scale

Use the dashboard and the built-in tools to manage and scale your applications and websites. Manage backups, custom domains, environment variables, logs, and security. All under one pane of glass.


It’s a breeze to use DevPanel. Everything works as designed and intended. It shortened my typical cycle for incremental dev by more than 50% and the experience has been hassle free. I have not used any other equivalent platform that unifies dev environments the way DevPanel does.
Murali S. – Website Manager
DevPanel gives the ability to provide a development space that’s quick and easy, fast setup. It provides a simple ramp up. You could get somebody on the server, into the code within a day or less, within a matter of hours, actually.
John K. – Senior Developer

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