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DevPanel Pricing

Community Edition

Trial Plan

Drupal or Wordpress

  • Use a Public or Private Repo

  • No need for your own AWS account

  • Create Dev, Test environments as needed

  • Use your own custom domains

  • Free SSL Cert from LetsEncrypt

  • Some limits on site size and traffic apply

  • Free 30-Day Trial


No credit card required

Dev edition

Pay-Per-Use Plan

Pay as you go for use:

  • Unlimited Production Sites

  • Unlimited Static and Serverless sites

  • Unlimited Dev, Test, Feature environments

  • Unlimited page views

  • Memcached, CDN, SOLR included

  • Pay AWS only for what you use

  • Pay as you go for DevPanel use

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Pricing options:

  • Pay per developer

  • Pay per site, branch, or application

  • Pay based on site metrics

  • Pay percentage of AWS fees 

  • Pay pre-negotiated fixed fees

  • Pay for level of service (SLA based)

Enteprise Edition

Business / Enterprise Plan

For Mission Critical Applications and Sites

  • Create sites across multiple availability zones

  • Enjoy fully managed no-touch infrastructure

  • Get help anytime with 24x7 support

  • Sleep well with 99.95% uptime SLA

  • Support for internal and external teams

  • Never worry about load or traffic spikes
  • Minimize your AWS bills with monthly reviews


Run DevPanel air-gapped, if needed, in your own account and behind your own firewall for compliance with HIPAA, FISMA, FedRamp, NIST, DOD, SEC, CJIS, CSA, DOE, ISO, GDPR, etc.

Free Proof-of-Concept: Let us run one of your sites on our AWS account. Preview your actual site, test its performance, and get an estimate of the ongoing costs.

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