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ABOUT DevPanel

The Company


DevPanel Inc. is a privately funded startup based in Denver, Colorado, USA. It was established in 2018 with a mission to automate at least 95% of the tasks involved in setting up and managing AWS accounts for running user applications. Our goal has always been to use automation to improve productivity, eliminate mistakes, improve security, increase reliability and reduce costs.


DevPanel is a AWS Certified Technology Partner. DevPanel follows all of AWS' best practices guidelines and deploys infrastructure in client's accounts in accordance with AWS' security standards.

The Team

team 2021-06-13_14-11-03.png

DevPanel's team spans 12 time zones and five continents. In addition to development and support of the DevPanel application, the team helps our customers with on boarding, site migrations and custom infrastructure projects. Our team has strong AWS and Kubernetes expertise and we are now bringing on MS Azure and Google GCP developers as we continue to expand our offerings to those platforms.

The Technology


Our core functionality is built using Kubernetes, Terraform,  Ansible, and VS Code (Code Server). Kubernetes provides a stable, auto-healing, and auto-scaling infrastructure for all applications. Terraform and Ansible are used for automation. Terraform manages infrastructure and Ansible manages applications. VS Code (code server) is the browser-based Cloud IDE that developers use to manage their code. Each client account gets its own copy of the infrastructure so client accounts are completely isolated and secure.

Enterprise customer who want auto-scaling, here is an example of a Kubernetes based auto-scaling infrastructure that DevPanel can manage in your account.


Business customers and Dev-teams with simpler requirements can skip the complexity and simply deploy to fully managed servers

What makes DevPanel different is that it CAN run all your applications and websites in your own AWS account.  You can retain FULL CONTROL over your account and infrastructure. Having control of your infrastructure gives you full flexibility to integrate any services (including AWS' 200+ services) with your websites.

This is true Zero Lock-in!

Other vendors might talk about it. DevPanel actually delivers on it.


Welcome to DevPanel.

See if DevPanel is a good fit for you. 

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