ABOUT DevPanel

A smarter alternative to Acquia®, Pantheon®, and Platform.sh® for Business, Enterprise, Government, Education, and NGOs.


DevPanel is different!



Your code, your data and your customer’s data are all more secure when your site is running in your own account. Use DevPanel to keep your data encrypted at rest and in use by deploying fully encrypted containers.


There are no SSH keys to manage and all development is done in the browser with Cloud IDE. There’s no need to download code to local machines that can be lost or stolen.


Your infrastructure and your sites in your own account. Get HIPAA, FISMA, FedRamp, NIST, DOD, SEC, CJIS, CSA, DOE, ISO, and GDPR directly from AWS. 


When things are running in your own account, you have full flexibility on every aspect of the setup and configuration of your sites.


You can create as many feature branches as you like and invite as many people as you like on your team.


It’s easy to add your custom applications to DevPanel as well.


It’s one thing to have agile teams and processes, but it’s quite another thing to have an agile infrastructure. 


With DevPanel, not only are you sites running in your own cloud provider account, you can use DevPanel to deploy your sites to different cloud provider accounts.


This gives you the ability to experiment with both your sites, and your infrastructure, without affecting live sites.


All the DevPanel infrastructure scripts are open source and can be easily modified to suit your needs.


Want to use a different caching provider? No problem. Want to customize your build pipeline? Go for it.


Use this to create custom recipes of apps for your team and customers, customize your deployment pipeline, and share your creations with others.


We’ve taken AWS and Kubernetes expertise and encoded that knowledge into software.


We’ve automated AWS EKS, RDS, EC2, Route 53, S3, ALB, ELB, EFS, ECR, Fargate, and so much more…


DevPanel automates hundreds of hours of work and reduces it to an easy to use point-and-click UI / UX. With DevPanel on the job, you won’t need to hire these experts.


Other platforms buy commodity infrastructure from cloud providers and charge over 10,000% mark-up for the use of their control panels.


With DevPanel, you pay your cloud provider directly, and you only pay for what you use.


There is no middleman.


DevPanel fees are predictable and fully transparent.


Did you know that most Sr. Developers spend over 50% of their time helping other developers with mundane SysAdmin and DevOps issues…


Developers are not System Administrators. When Developers get blocked, and you need a System Administrator, we can help.


If you have questions on AWS, Kubernetes, application set up, configuration, deployments, or whatever else, our SysAdmins are here to help.


When your SysAdmins are sick or on vacation, we’re here to help.


Need a part-time or dedicated SysAdmin for a mission critical project? We’ve got your back.


With DevPanel, you get all the DevOps tools and services in one place.


You get an easy to use point-and-click UI / UX to manage all your applications.


Set up Dev, Test, Live workflows to let your teams collaborate.


Create as many sites as you like and customize your infrastructure as you like.


Get SysAdmin support as you need.


Run everything in your own account. Be compliant.


Get support any time of the day.


With developers and sysadmins in four continents and seven time zones, you can rely on DevPanel. When you need help, we will work with AWS and other technology providers to get resolution.


See if DevPanel is a good fit for you. 

Welcome to DevPanel.