Here’s how we address Non-profit’s pain points.

  1. Cost: Non-profits often operate on tight budgets, and the cost of cloud services can be a significant concern. Managing and optimizing expenses while ensuring adequate resources can be a balancing act.
  2. Complexity: Cloud infrastructure and services can be complex, requiring technical expertise to set up, configure, and manage. Non-profit organizations may lack the necessary resources or skilled personnel to navigate these complexities effectively.
  3. Scalability: Non-profits may experience unpredictable spikes in website traffic during campaigns or events. Ensuring the website’s scalability to handle increased loads without incurring additional costs or downtime can be challenging.
  4. Security and Compliance: Non-profit organizations handle sensitive data, including donor information, and must adhere to data protection regulations. Ensuring robust security measures and compliance with industry standards can be demanding without dedicated expertise.
  5. Maintenance and Support: Non-profits may struggle with ongoing maintenance and support for their cloud infrastructure. Keeping systems up to date, addressing technical issues promptly, and troubleshooting can divert resources and time from core organizational activities.
  6. Training and Knowledge Gaps: Non-profit staff may require training and upskilling to effectively utilize AWS and cloud services. Acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills can be a hurdle, impacting their ability to leverage the full potential of cloud technology.

Addressing these pain points often requires tailored solutions, such as cost optimization strategies, simplified management interfaces, scalable architectures, robust security frameworks, reliable support channels, and educational resources catered to non-profit organizations.

Here are some ways that DevPanel might be able to help:

Cost Containment:

Operating on a tight budget? Want Free website hosting?

In addition to the standard AWS credits, Non-Profits get $1k-$5k of Free hosting credits per year from AWS through TechSoup. Plus, with AWS, you get low fixed fees per month.

Here’s what DevPanel brings to the table:

Autoscaling Deployments
Fixed or Pay-per-use model
Fixed Scaled Deployments
Free Hosting Credits
Managed Infrastructure
No “Page View” Limits
Pay AWS Directly
Reduce Infrastructure Costs
Reserved Pricing
Serverless Computing
Transparent Pricing
Use Low-Cost Servers

Increased Productivity:

How easy is it for your team to create new Dev, Test, Live environments? How easy is it to onboard new developers? Does your team have experience with AWS? Are you still managing Local Dev Environments manually? What automation are you using to streamline your deployments?

DevPanel brings all the tools and the automation to simplify development.

Cloud Dev Environments (CDE)
Cloud IDE with VS Code
Dev, Test, Live workflow
Full Automation
Managed Resources

Control and Flexibility:

Can you easily integrate 3rd party services with your sites? Can you tweak the performance of your site? Can you run your sites in your own AWS account? and behind your own firewall?

You get full control and complete flexibility with DevPanel.

Blue / Green Deployments
Full AWS access
Fully Customizable
Run in our own AWS cloud
Run in our own Digital Ocean account
Teams and Collaborators
Unlimited Integrations
Web Hooks

Performance and Scalability:

Do you experience unpredictable spikes in website traffic during campaigns or events? Can your site automatically handle traffic spikes? Are you paying for hosting based on page views? Are you paying for peak page-views all the time?

With DevPanel, your infrastructure automatically scale up for performance and scales down to save costs.

200+ AWS Services
Autoscaling Deployments
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Fixed Scaled Deployments
Global Infrastructure
High Availability
Serverless Computing

Security and Compliance:

66% of organizations were hit by ransomware last year. Are You Next? Are you comfortable managing security, access controls, and compliance? What do you use for monitoring and alerts? Do you have a full audit trail of data access? Can you control how far you can go for backups and disaster recovery? Do you have built-in security protection like DDOS Shield and Web Application Firewall (WAF)?

DevPanel implements all the fundamental security best practices proactively. We can further customize your infrastructure and site security to align with your organization’s specific needs and regulatory compliance requirements as needed.

Here are some things you can easily set up and configure with DevPanel.

Access management
Audit Trail
Automatic Backups
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
DDOS Protection and Mitigation
Disaster Recovery (DR)
Managed Infrastructure
Monitoring and Alerts
Regulatory Compliance
Secret Management
Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Support and Maintenance:

What happens when you have turnover in staff or volunteers? Are you getting the support you need? Are your sites being monitored? Is your support proactive or reactive?

DevPanel has you covered:

24x7x365 Support
Enterprise SLA
Managed Infrastructure
Managed Site Migrations
Monitoring and Alerts
Proactive not Reactive


DevPanel went above and beyond by assisting us in reducing costs. By connecting us with non-profit grants for web hosting, they enabled us to secure a budget-friendly solution without compromising on quality. Their dedication to identifying opportunities for cost savings truly made a significant impact on our overall finances.
Travis T. – Technical Coordinator
It doesn’t matter how underpowered your machine is because it’s all being run from the web. I see that as a significant cost savings.
John K. – Senior Developer

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