Run in our own Digital Ocean account

Run sites and applications in your own Digital Ocean account. Digital Ocean is scalable and quite affordable. It has all the basic features and functionality that most sites need.


TypeScript is a strongly typed, object-oriented, compiled programming language that builds on JavaScript. It is a superset of the JavaScript. Like JavaScript, you can build apps using TypeScript om DevPanel as well.


JavaScript (JS) is a scripting language that enables you to create dynamically updating content, control multimedia, and animate images. You can use JS in DevPanel to build your applications.


Angular is an open-source, JavaScript framework written in TypeScript. You can build stand-alone or headless or decoupled applications with it in DevPanel.

Unlimited Integrations

Harness the full potential of 200+ AWS services and any 3rd. party service to customize and tailor to the specific needs of your websites. DevPanel places no restrictions whatsoever.

FedRamp Compatible

FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) ensures that federal agencies use cloud solutions that only meet US Government’s rigorous security requirements.

CCPA Compatible

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a data privacy law that requires businesses to be transparent about data collection and lets individuals request data access and deletion. DevPanel allows users to deploy their applications directly to their AWS accounts, ensuring compliance with the California Privacy Act standards. Deploying directly to AWS with its innate…

GDPR Compatible

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a data protection regulation to safeguard the privacy and rights of individuals with guidelines on collection, processing, and transfer of personal data. DevPanel allows users to seamlessly deploy their applications directly to their AWS accounts, ensuring compliance with GDPR standards. Deploying directly to AWS with its innate compliance…


An open-source WordPress-based publishing platform designed to simplify the publishing process and provide technological tools for small to medium-sized news organizations.

Open Y

Although it’s an open-source Drupal distribution designed for YMCAs, it is well maintained, has great functionality, and is flexible enough so it can be used to build any marketing website. DevPanel offers Open Y in addition to an array of templates designed to streamline the deployment process for hundreds of websites within your organization. This…


An open-source, web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software tailored for non-profit and civic organizations to manage contacts, fundraising, events, and communications.

Open Social

An open-source app for rapidly creating social communities, intranets, and portals. Enables organizations to connect with various services through pre-packaged functionality.


Strapi is a popular headless content management system (CMS) that’s built using Node.js. It can be extended with custom Content Types and integrated with databases and external services.


Backdrop is a popular content management system that is a fork of Drupal 7. Many companies use Backdrop to replace their Drupal 7 sites since it’s approaching end-of-life. DevPanel facilitates a seamless migration from Drupal 7 to BackDrop with remarkable ease. By leveraging prebuilt templates, users can effortlessly transfer site content through DevPanel, enabling the…


WordPress is a popular open-source content management system that’s used for building websites and web applications. DevPanel supports WordPress out of the box. DevPanel spins up WordPress sites on AWS in just 5 minutes. Develop ,deploy and manage your sites quickly, whether you have 1 or 1,000 sites, DevPanel has it.


Popular open-source content management system used for building websites and applications. DevPanel supports all the current versions of Drupal out of the box. DevPanel seamlessly manages all versions of Drupal, allowing you to develop and deploy Drupal sites to your AWS account without requiring IT department intervention With DevPanel, Drupal multisites become effortlessly manageable. Utilize…

200+ AWS Services

Integrate with any of AWS’ 200+ services. Extend your application for greater functionality and make your site more durable and reliable with all the AWS managed services. DevPanel leverages AWS’s extensive suite of managed services, including Amazon RDS, S3, EC2, and CloudFront, to provide users with robust and scalable infrastructure. With access to these services,…

Headless Apps

Sites with separate front-end and back-end can be set up and managed easily in DevPanel. Create as many separate front-ends as you like and manage them as separate projects. Unlock the power of headless applications with DevPanel , our innovative development tool designed to revolutionize the way you build digital experiences. DevPanel developers the freedom…


Create and manage any Node.js application with DevPanel. Use it to create backend apps, for serving APIs and as for headless websites. Or build any standalone Node.js application. DevPanel offers the flexibility for Node.js development on the backend, complementing frontend frameworks like Angular, Vue, and React. Leveraging Node.js’s event-driven, non-blocking, and asynchronous features, DevPanel empowers…

LAMP Stack

Create and manage any LAMP stack application. WordPress, Drupal, and Backdrop are available out of the box but you can set up any custom PHP application in DevPanel. Enhance your web development experience with XY, now fully compatible with the LAMP stack – the powerful amalgamation of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP This seamless integration…

24x7x365 Support

Round the clock support for AWS, Infrastructure, and Operations. When something goes wrong, just contact the DevPanel team. Support is available 24×7 on Slack, SMS, email, and Zoom.

Reserved Pricing

Save up to 75% on hosting by using Reserved Instances. Reserved prices vary depending on your usage commitment and how you pay – All Upfront, Partial Upfront, and No Upfront. Maximize your cloud investment with DevPanel, designed to effortlessly create AWS Reserved Instances and optimize your infrastructure costs. DevPanel ushers in a new era of…

PhpMyAdmin included

Easily manage your databases using a browser with the included PhpMyAdmin. Every app has its own database and a pre-configured PhpMyAdmin for point and click database management. Elevate your database management to new heights with XY, your ultimate tool that harnesses the full potential of phpMyAdmin. Our platform brings the renowned comprehensive database handling capabilities…

Custom Apps and Templates

Get WordPress, Drupal, and Backdrop out of the box. Sample application templates include OpenY, Open Social, CiviCRM, NewsPack, and more. Create custom templates for your own use.


Run any version of Solr. Upgrade any time. Integrate with any third party Solr service or use AWS’ managed Elasticsearch or CloudSearch for easy setup and maintenance free operations. Discover the power of lightning-fast search capabilities with XY, now harnessing the advanced functionality of Apache Solr.  Solr’s scalability and performance, combined with DevPanel’s user-friendly interface,…

Memcached and Redis

Use native Memcached and Redis or AWS ElastiCache. ElastiCache is not only fully managed by AWS, it gives you scalability, elasticity, and high availability. Seamlessly blending the raw speed of Memcached with the rich feature set of Redis, DevPanel stands as a testament to next-level caching and session storage solutions. Integration with these two powerful…

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Use any CDN provider including Akamai, Cloudflare, Fastly, KeyCDN, Sucuri, or Amazon CloudFront. All of them speed up your site and protect your site from DDOS attacks.

Serverless Computing

Serverless technologies keep costs down and automatically scales up and down as needed. Build and deploy applications using Serverless EKS, Fargate, Aurora RDS, Amazon S3, and EFS.

Global Infrastructure

Enjoy up to 99.999% uptime by deploying sites to any of AWS’ 99 Availability Zones (AZs) across 31 geographic regions. Deploy to multiple AZ and zones for high-availability.

SDLC Workflows

Use Gitlow or Trunk based development. Create Dev, Test, Live versions of your app. Use Automated Performance, Security, Regression, and User Acceptance Testing.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

Minimize downtime and data loss. Use AWS Disaster Recovery (AWS DR) and AWS Site Recovery to automate and simplify the set up and management of a disaster recovery system.

Automatic Backups

Protect your applications against hacking, accidents, and failures. Set up “Manual” and “Automatic” backups of your application’s code, configuration, static files, and database.

SSL / TLS Certificates

LetsEncrypt is used to automatically set up SSL/TLS certificates for all your applications. Certs are renewed automatically. Ensure trust and confidence with visitors and search engines.

Custom URLs

Assign one or more custom URLs to any website. Create and manage multi-site URLs. Switch custom URL between two applications for Blue / Green deployments.

Secret Management

Use a built-in Secret Management system to manage tokens and keys. Use the built-in HashiCorp Vault or AWS Secrets Manager to manage multiple environments.

Teams and Collaborators

Create teams and manage collaborators easily through the UI. Invite collaborators one at a time or create an open link that anyone can use to join your workspace.

Access management

Use access management on DevPanel to control who has access to your applications, servers, and infrastructure. Use access management on AWS to manage access to infrastructure.

Fixed Scaled Deployments

Optimize costs and performance with “Fixed Scale Deployments”. Deploy applications to one or more servers or across a fixed size cluster to drive fixed costs while maintaining performance objectives.

Autoscaling Deployments

Autoscaling deployments minimize AWS costs by increasing and decreasing resources in line with load and traffic to your applications. DevPanel makes this possible with autoscaling clusters.

Pair Programming

Use Cloud IDE to reduce onboarding time, increase collaboration, increase productivity, reduce bugs and defects, encourage knowledge sharing, and improve code quality.

Fully Customizable

Develop, manage, and deploy any application. Support for PHP, Python, Django, NodeJS and more. Change container CPU, memory, disk and deployment size.

Full AWS access

Maintain full control over your development and production environments on your AWS account. Integrate your site with any of AWS 200+ managed services.

Blue / Green Deployments

Blue/Green deployment is a strategy for updating apps that reduces downtime and risk by running two production environments allowing you to “roll back” the latest deployment.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Use Autoscaling Clusters, Reserved Instances and Spot Instances to reduce your operating costs by 80% or more. DevPanel uses both Kubernetes and LightSail servers to keep costs down.

Use Low-Cost Servers

Want to use a low-cost Virtual Private Server (VPS) instead of a cluster? Use DevPanel automation to configure, deploy, and manage your sites to your own virtual private servers.

No AWS experience needed!

DevPanel automates AWS. No need to hire anyone on your team with AWS experience. Use automation for routine tasks, and consistently deploy secure sites with a few simple clicks.

Develop, Deploy and Manage Apps

Simplify application development, testing, hosting, and management of your applications. Use a point and click dashboard for everything. Scale based on time of day or site traffic.

Performance and Load Testing

Easily run load and performance tests on your sites before deployment. Use tools like Siege, Jmeter, Locust, BlazeMeter, and LoadRunner to run tests on your staging environment.

Enterprise SLA

Enterprise class SLAs from DevPanel and AWS provide 24x7x365 support via phone, SMS, email, and slack. Get up to 99.999% uptime guarantee and automatic failover on a global infrastructure.

Fixed or Pay-per-use model

Supports for both fixed and pay-per-use pricing. Use fixed cost infrastructure for predictability. Use pay-per-use to minimize your costs with serverless computing and auto-scaling clusters.

Proof of Concepts (POCs)

Experience your site on AWS before committing. Use them for performance tests and estimating cost savings. They’re easy to set up regardless of where you’re currently hosted.

Managed Site Migrations

Don’t have the time or resources to migrate your sites off your current hosting platform? Let DevPanel create automated migration scripts for you or let DevPanel partners do it all for you.

DDOS Protection and Mitigation

DDoS protection and mitigation ensure the availability and reliability of sites and applications. CDN and WAF apps like CloudFront, Cloudflare, Fastly, and Securi with your sites for DDOS protection.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

A WAF protects your application and site from various types of cyber threats and attacks. We also recommend using WAF to protect against zero-day attacks and OWASP Top 10.

Monitoring and Alerts

Use AWS or third-party applications for Monitoring and Alerts. You can monitor for content changes, uptime, and /or any errors. You can also use AI to check for anomalous activity and alert you.

No “Page View” Limits

Are your hosting fees still based on pageviews? Neither DevPanel nor AWS charges you for “page views.” With AWS, you pay only for the resources, services, and bandwidth you use.

Run in our own AWS cloud

Run sites and applications in your own AWS account. Great for compliance regulation like GDPR, CCPA, Fed Ramp, etc. Save costs by cutting out the middlemen and paying AWS directly.

Site Factory

Create and manage 100s to 1000s of sites from one dashboard. Make your own custom templates or use pre-built site templates complete with branding, theme and placeholder content.

Free Hosting Credits

Get $500 to $100,000 in hosting credits directly from AWS. AWS gives generous Trial, POC, and migration credits. Startups, Students, and Non-Profits can also get large grants.

Full Automation

Automate your infrastructure deployments, application builds, and manual processes. Ensures consistency, reduces errors, and lets you deliver projects faster.

Proactive not Reactive

Use AI and predictive analytics to get alerts on imminent issues with your application. Early detection enhances customer experience and gets your team out of reactive loop fighting fires 24×7.

Managed Infrastructure

Focus on your business not system maintenance. No more getting out of bed at 2am to fix system issues. Improve scalability, flexibility, reliability, and security with AWS managed infrastructure.

GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket Support

Support for both internal and externally hosted, GitHub and GitLab. Use git as your source of truth for all your development and manage team access directly through your git provider.

Dev, Test, Live workflow

Create as many Dev, Test, and Live sites as you need. Use Gitlow. Set up Master, Develop, Feature, Release, and Hotfix branches. Spin up apps in minutes on any branch.

Custom Applications

Not just for Drupal and WordPress. A Kubernetes backend lets you run any application. Support for LAMP stack plus NodeJS and Python /Django. Develop and scale any application.

Continuity of Operations

Encode your team’s tacit knowledge and automate operations, deployments and processes. Use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to automate CI/CD, testing, backups, and disaster recovery ops.

Regulatory Compliance

DevPanel is a deployment system only. It does not host your site and doesn’t have access to your data. AWS provides Fed Ramp, GDPR, CCPA, and other compliance.

Up to 99.99% Uptime

Get up to eleven nines (99.999999999%) using AWS managed services. DevPanel builds your infrastructure using these services to ensure high availability and reliability for all your sites.

Managed Resources

Run your sites and applications on fully managed services from AWS. Focus on development not infrastructure. Let DevPanel and AWS manage the rest.

Transparent Pricing

Pay exactly for the resources you allocate or use – not arbitrary fees. Maintain full transparency of what you’re paying for, both from DevPanel and AWS.

Pay AWS Directly

Pay exactly for what you use – directly to AWS. No middlemen. DevPanel changes for the dashboard and support only. Use autoscaling to minimize costs or fixed scale to predictable bills.

Spot and On-Demand Instances

Spot instances are up to 90% cheaper than the standard on-demand instances. DevPanel automatically uses Spot instances, whenever possible, for high-availability and cost savings.

Preview Environments

Use “preview environments” to see your work as you develop. No committing and rebuilding. Test as you go, share preview URLs with your testers and with customers for acceptance testing.

Automated Testing

Set up automated unit testing and smoke testing. Easily integrate tools like PHPUnit, SimpleTest, Behat, Selenium, Cucumber, Postman, Cypress and Diffy in your build pipelines.


Integrate with any Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) tools. Use Jenkins, Travis CI, CircleCI, GitLab CI/CD, GitHub Actions, AWS CodePipeline, etc.

Web Hooks

Use built-in web hooks in DevPanel to update and rebuild your site. Trigger any script on your site using web hook calls from your Git provider or other CI/CD pipeline.

Kubernetes / EKS

EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) is an AWS managed version of Kubernetes (K8s). EKS is used by DevPanel to create, manage, and scale websites and applications. No EKS experience is needed.

Local Dev Environments

Git is always the source of truth in DevPanel. Using the built-in Cloud IDE (browser-based VS Code) is available but not required. DevPanel supports any and all Local Dev Environments.