An open-source WordPress-based publishing platform designed to simplify the publishing process and provide technological tools for small to medium-sized news organizations.

Open Y

Although it’s an open-source Drupal distribution designed for YMCAs, it is well maintained, has great functionality, and is flexible enough so it can be used to build any marketing website. DevPanel offers Open Y in addition to an array of templates designed to streamline the deployment process for hundreds of websites within your organization. This…


An open-source, web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software tailored for non-profit and civic organizations to manage contacts, fundraising, events, and communications.

Open Social

An open-source app for rapidly creating social communities, intranets, and portals. Enables organizations to connect with various services through pre-packaged functionality.


Strapi is a popular headless content management system (CMS) that’s built using Node.js. It can be extended with custom Content Types and integrated with databases and external services.


Backdrop is a popular content management system that is a fork of Drupal 7. Many companies use Backdrop to replace their Drupal 7 sites since it’s approaching end-of-life. DevPanel facilitates a seamless migration from Drupal 7 to BackDrop with remarkable ease. By leveraging prebuilt templates, users can effortlessly transfer site content through DevPanel, enabling the…


WordPress is a popular open-source content management system that’s used for building websites and web applications. DevPanel supports WordPress out of the box. DevPanel spins up WordPress sites on AWS in just 5 minutes. Develop ,deploy and manage your sites quickly, whether you have 1 or 1,000 sites, DevPanel has it.


Popular open-source content management system used for building websites and applications. DevPanel supports all the current versions of Drupal out of the box. DevPanel seamlessly manages all versions of Drupal, allowing you to develop and deploy Drupal sites to your AWS account without requiring IT department intervention With DevPanel, Drupal multisites become effortlessly manageable. Utilize…

Headless Apps

Sites with separate front-end and back-end can be set up and managed easily in DevPanel. Create as many separate front-ends as you like and manage them as separate projects. Unlock the power of headless applications with DevPanel , our innovative development tool designed to revolutionize the way you build digital experiences. DevPanel developers the freedom…

Custom Applications

Not just for Drupal and WordPress. A Kubernetes backend lets you run any application. Support for LAMP stack plus NodeJS and Python /Django. Develop and scale any application.