Run in our own Digital Ocean account

Run sites and applications in your own Digital Ocean account. Digital Ocean is scalable and quite affordable. It has all the basic features and functionality that most sites need.

Unlimited Integrations

Harness the full potential of 200+ AWS services and any 3rd. party service to customize and tailor to the specific needs of your websites. DevPanel places no restrictions whatsoever.

Teams and Collaborators

Create teams and manage collaborators easily through the UI. Invite collaborators one at a time or create an open link that anyone can use to join your workspace.

Fully Customizable

Develop, manage, and deploy any application. Support for PHP, Python, Django, NodeJS and more. Change container CPU, memory, disk and deployment size.

Full AWS access

Maintain full control over your development and production environments on your AWS account. Integrate your site with any of AWS 200+ managed services.

Blue / Green Deployments

Blue/Green deployment is a strategy for updating apps that reduces downtime and risk by running two production environments allowing you to “roll back” the latest deployment.

Run in our own AWS cloud

Run sites and applications in your own AWS account. Great for compliance regulation like GDPR, CCPA, Fed Ramp, etc. Save costs by cutting out the middlemen and paying AWS directly.

Web Hooks

Use built-in web hooks in DevPanel to update and rebuild your site. Trigger any script on your site using web hook calls from your Git provider or other CI/CD pipeline.