Reserved Pricing

Save up to 75% on hosting by using Reserved Instances. Reserved prices vary depending on your usage commitment and how you pay – All Upfront, Partial Upfront, and No Upfront. Maximize your cloud investment with DevPanel, designed to effortlessly create AWS Reserved Instances and optimize your infrastructure costs. DevPanel ushers in a new era of…

Serverless Computing

Serverless technologies keep costs down and automatically scales up and down as needed. Build and deploy applications using Serverless EKS, Fargate, Aurora RDS, Amazon S3, and EFS.

Fixed Scaled Deployments

Optimize costs and performance with “Fixed Scale Deployments”. Deploy applications to one or more servers or across a fixed size cluster to drive fixed costs while maintaining performance objectives.

Autoscaling Deployments

Autoscaling deployments minimize AWS costs by increasing and decreasing resources in line with load and traffic to your applications. DevPanel makes this possible with autoscaling clusters.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Use Autoscaling Clusters, Reserved Instances and Spot Instances to reduce your operating costs by 80% or more. DevPanel uses both Kubernetes and LightSail servers to keep costs down.

Use Low-Cost Servers

Want to use a low-cost Virtual Private Server (VPS) instead of a cluster? Use DevPanel automation to configure, deploy, and manage your sites to your own virtual private servers.

Fixed or Pay-per-use model

Supports for both fixed and pay-per-use pricing. Use fixed cost infrastructure for predictability. Use pay-per-use to minimize your costs with serverless computing and auto-scaling clusters.

No “Page View” Limits

Are your hosting fees still based on pageviews? Neither DevPanel nor AWS charges you for “page views.” With AWS, you pay only for the resources, services, and bandwidth you use.

Free Hosting Credits

Get $500 to $100,000 in hosting credits directly from AWS. AWS gives generous Trial, POC, and migration credits. Startups, Students, and Non-Profits can also get large grants.

Managed Infrastructure

Focus on your business not system maintenance. No more getting out of bed at 2am to fix system issues. Improve scalability, flexibility, reliability, and security with AWS managed infrastructure.

Transparent Pricing

Pay exactly for the resources you allocate or use – not arbitrary fees. Maintain full transparency of what you’re paying for, both from DevPanel and AWS.

Pay AWS Directly

Pay exactly for what you use – directly to AWS. No middlemen. DevPanel changes for the dashboard and support only. Use autoscaling to minimize costs or fixed scale to predictable bills.