24x7x365 Support

Round the clock support for AWS, Infrastructure, and Operations. When something goes wrong, just contact the DevPanel team. Support is available 24×7 on Slack, SMS, email, and Zoom.

Enterprise SLA

Enterprise class SLAs from DevPanel and AWS provide 24x7x365 support via phone, SMS, email, and slack. Get up to 99.999% uptime guarantee and automatic failover on a global infrastructure.

Managed Site Migrations

Don’t have the time or resources to migrate your sites off your current hosting platform? Let DevPanel create automated migration scripts for you or let DevPanel partners do it all for you.

Monitoring and Alerts

Use AWS or third-party applications for Monitoring and Alerts. You can monitor for content changes, uptime, and /or any errors. You can also use AI to check for anomalous activity and alert you.

Proactive not Reactive

Use AI and predictive analytics to get alerts on imminent issues with your application. Early detection enhances customer experience and gets your team out of reactive loop fighting fires 24×7.

Managed Infrastructure

Focus on your business not system maintenance. No more getting out of bed at 2am to fix system issues. Improve scalability, flexibility, reliability, and security with AWS managed infrastructure.