SDLC Workflows

Use Gitlow or Trunk based development. Create Dev, Test, Live versions of your app. Use Automated Performance, Security, Regression, and User Acceptance Testing.

Teams and Collaborators

Create teams and manage collaborators easily through the UI. Invite collaborators one at a time or create an open link that anyone can use to join your workspace.

Pair Programming

Use Cloud IDE to reduce onboarding time, increase collaboration, increase productivity, reduce bugs and defects, encourage knowledge sharing, and improve code quality.

Free Hosting Credits

Get $500 to $100,000 in hosting credits directly from AWS. AWS gives generous Trial, POC, and migration credits. Startups, Students, and Non-Profits can also get large grants.

Audit Trail

See who did what and when in your account, any time. Use add-ons like CloudTrail, GuardDuty, and Access Logs on AWS. Enable AI-based anomaly detection on CloudWatch with a click.