Workspaces isolate teams, resources, projects, and applications. Create as many workspaces as you want.

Workspaces in DevPanel

The Workspaces you see

You only see the workspaces you have access to. You can have access to workspaces as an “admin” or as a “developer.”

Projects and Resources

Inside a workspace, you can access the projects and resources. You also get to invite developers to the team, and see all the custom domains and activities across all the projects in the workspace.

Team management in DevPanel.

Manage the team

Invite collaborators as “Administrators” or “Developers” by email or create an “Open Invite” and share the join link over slack or email. Open Invites are great for classes and large teams.

Create new Workspaces

Create as many Workspaces as you want. Create multiple workspaces in one cluster or connect workspaces to different clusters.

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